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Summer 2012
By Nelson | june 22, 2012 | Post a comment
This has been a great year for me and a busy summer. So fare in 2012 Brooklyn Boheme debuted on Showtime in February, The Announcement on ESPN in March and the short doc All Hail the Beat premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. Also quite pleasing was that The Plot Against Hip Hop was nominated for a Shamus Award, a major private detective prize. Its for first mystery novel. It is announced in October and just being in the mix is an honor. 

Currently I'm working on a book about the legendary Soul Train television show and shooting a documentary called Finding the Funk narrated by Amir Thompson of the Roots. I back deep in the world of black music, trying to celebrate a legacy who's 21st century future is rather cloudy. Lots of the legends are getting older and need their stories told, so I'm gonna focus on doing just that in the months ahead. 

In fact my next mystery novel will blend the history of rhythm & blues with a search for a lost recording in a style similar to The Plot Against Hip Hop.

Keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook for screenings of Brooklyn Boheme around the country. The next one if July 5 in San Francisco hosted by the SFNY crew.
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Marchell Gillis on july 20, 2012 at 07:07:56 AM says:

Working from home today - so I just watched Brooklyn Boheme on Showtime, and it is a great documentary. I grew up in the south, but gravitated to so much of the art, entertainment and music that was coming from the north in the 80s and 90s with a particular affinity for anything NYC. To learn about Fort Green and all the artist that came out of there was just inspiring – keep up the great work!

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